The Walk Through

Sneaking a quick post in today – ONE day until we settle and we are happy to report that there were NO SURPRISES!  Our HUD-1 final settlement statement came in at the amount we expected (actually a tiny bit UNDER which was an extra bonus).  After work we met up with our realtor and did our final walk through and there were no problems to be found – in fact it was even more perfect than I remembered it!  The biggest surprise to me was how big our walk in closet is – I literally forgot about the details of the house since we haven’t seen it in so long! We also found out that the previous owners are leaving us their lawnmower and trashcans which will save us some money that we otherwise would have had to spend immediately!  All-in-all a very good pre-homebuying day!

Seeing this also out front put a HUGE smile on our faces:Image


3 thoughts on “The Walk Through

    1. thank you so much! we spent all weekend moving in – i’m so excited for you to be done the process too – what a crazy thing homebuying is – who knew 🙂 – but the reward is the first night you are there and you realize, THIS IS OURS!!


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