A photoshoot I will never forget of our beautiful 90-year-old Noni, at a nursery in Pennsylvania.

My grandmother, my Noni, is the heart, the soul, the lifeline of my Dad’s side of the family. She is one of those people that no one forgets. She oozes confidence, radiates beauty, and welcomes everyone into her heart and home. She will talk to anyone and everyone with her thick Italian accent, and she will feed you until you literally cannot take one more bite of food.

It had been almost a year and a half since I was able to see Noni. With the threat of COVID-19, we couldn’t take any chances. Earlier this year, as we all started getting vaccinated, my sister Amber and I planned a trip to meet in Pennsylvania to finally visit Noni.

As we planned our April trip, Amber had the genius idea to try to do a photoshoot of Noni while we were visiting. Logistically, I was not sure where to start. At 90-years-old, she is still sharp as a tack and mobile, but limited with how much she can walk. Also, with uncertainty of weather for the weekend, I had to find something that was versatile if the weather was cold or rainy. I also wanted to find a place that we could maintain proper social distancing. I had the idea to search the area for a local nursery and hit the jackpot when I found Michael Bros. Nursery & Garden Center. I reached out to them and came into contact with the sweetest gem of a lady, Carol, who helped us to make this idea a reality! *Thank you Carol and Dan!

Once we arrived to Pennsylvania, we spent our first day talking, catching up, and eating of course with Noni. We then told her about the photoshoot idea for the next day at the nursery and she was so excited and up for it! She then had us go through her closets to find a dress for the shoot.

The next day, we set off for the nursery. It was a chilly overcast day, but as soon as we arrived, the sun started peaking through and the beautiful greenhouses kept us warm. From the second I took out my camera out, Noni lit up and was honestly the most natural and graceful photo subject I have ever had the privilege of capturing. The photos below are a result of that magical photoshoot we were able to do with her, a memory my sister and I will never forget.

I hope these brought a smile to your face! Thank you again to Michael Bros. Nursery & Garden Center, for this memory that will last a lifetime for my sister and I, and of course for the beautiful hanging basket we brought home with us for Noni’s porch! If you are ever in the Pittsburgh area, be sure to make a stop at their beautiful business!

4 thoughts on “Noni

  1. One of my favorite places to go!!! We get all of our flowers here every year. I didn’t know they would let you do a photoshoot inside.

    Your photos are fantastic. You are quite the portrait photographer.

    Glad your family is doing well. Take care. 😊


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